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Musa Ansumana Soko

Musa Ansumana Soko is a highly accomplished advocate and influencer with over 17 years of experience, dedicated to driving positive change in Sierra Leone. In his capacity as the Team Lead for WASH Network Sierra Leone, Musa spearheads a diverse portfolio of programs addressing critical issues such as social accountability, post-conflict health, and equitable access to improved drinking water and sanitation services. He further leads the Health Accountability Consortium, a partnership of the Budget Advocacy Network, Health Alert, and WASH-Net, uniting their efforts for impactful change.

Musa’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of Sierra Leoneans is further exemplified by his role as the co-convener of the Sierra Leone UHC CSO Platform. Through this platform, he leverages his extensive experience and expertise to drive progress towards Universal Health Coverage, ensuring that quality healthcare services are accessible to all segments of society.

With his comprehensive understanding of the complex social, health, and development challenges that Sierra Leone faces, Musa designs workable advocacy interventions that seeks to influence policy and practices for stronger health systems.

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